Finding an email by company

We have developed a special search algorithm to easily find someone’s email address by the company they work for. In fact, this tool works a lot like an email address ‘extractor’. If you enter a company’s name or email extension, it will return dozens of emails at a given company.

This tool works even if people try the common trick of hiding their email address like this:

  • joe.smith(at)
  • sue.jones[at]

This tool is of interest to headhunters (recruiters) who might need to find someone from an old email and wish to take a guess at a new one, or it is possible to mine a whole database of email addresses for a whole company.

A clever person might actually even take this one step further.

How can you get someone’s phone number from their email address?
There is an old method that still works. First, you need to sign up for “Plaxo”. Then, you need to send an email to yourself, but FROM THAT PERSON! (See our section on email spoofing). Once your Outlook sees it coming in, if you have the Plaxo plugin, it will automatically update that person’s Vcard if they are in Plaxo! We have built a very basic PHP mailer to do this if you have your own server.
If that does not work, you can always do a normal Google search with their full email address in quotations like this: “email hidden; JavaScript is required” and hope that something will pop up.

Email Search Tool

This search tool will uncover email addresses from all over the web according to the domain you enter

Enter an URL (without the WWW).


This tool will help you identify a company's email protocol, which will enable you to 'spoof' email addresses and hopefully find the person you are seeking.

Tip: If there are a lot of pages, search towards the end of the results!

How to video: email forensics

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