Finding someone from an old email address

People are always moving around, and it it sometimes very difficult to find someone if all you have is an old email address.

There are a few tricks you can always try, for example just trying to use their old email address and seeing if they have one at the popular webmail services such as Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail and AOL. If their old email was formatted like this: email hidden; JavaScript is required, then you can try this formatting at the above mail services. This is not likely to work if they have a common name – you will get a false positive at each of the services.

There are still some mail lookup services that you can use such as, and If you have changed email addresses, and would like for old friends to be able to look you up, it would be a good idea to register with each of them. and old email address lookup (Free):

Old Email Address

Free 'Change of Email Address' Registration
Old Email Address
New Email Address
Also add my old/new email registration to Return Path’s Directory.


Bigfoot old email lookup:

First Name Last Name (Required)
City State





FindMeMail old email lookup:
Old email lookup from
Enter the old e-mail or URL Address:

Wildcard characters will NOT work. Database searches for full e-mail addresses only.
(They have done this to prevent prevent people from compiling a mailing list from their database.)




It would be a good idea to register with these databases so that old friends and potential employers can find you if they need to.

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