Tracing an IP address from an email

This is the second step after you have uncovered the IP address from the email header. If you do not already know how to do this, see our page on “tracing an email“.

Your IP address is:

Try entering your IP address into these tools to see just the kind of information you can glean from a simple thing like an IP address:

Find Geographical Location of an IP Address:
RIPE Search (enter IP Address):
Find the owner of an IP Address:

Remember, an IP address does not necessarily tell you where the person is, but where their ISP is if they use a POP mail service (like Outlook or Outlook Express). If they use webmail, then you will see where the mail server is, and it may even be in a different country. For example, they can live in China and send you an email from Yahoo – in that case, you can trace the email back to Yahoo!, but not to China. Yahoo! would be able to do that, but not you.

You can also find out what country someone has mailed from by checking the IP address with a geographic locator database like this one.

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